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During my second year at Kingston I got the opportunity to work with both Vintage publishing, and an incredible team of fellow students. Our task was to create a trailer for the 50th anniversary of Kurt Vonnegut's SlaughterHouse 5.

Kingston Winners 2019.jpg

Noah Mauchly


Kat Thomas

James Dean

The dream team

Me and my future roommate Noah Mauchly were the animators, Kat Thomas and James Dean were the illustrators. This project's success relied upon our ability to self evaluate and identify our individual strengths, and then apply them effectively. This made achieving our team vision more enjoyable and made cooperation much easier.

This brief was in fact a competition run by Vintage which we were lucky enough to win.

(Click on their nice faces to see their socials)

Pig boil.gif
Trees boil.gif

Unused, but still pretty cool

These are a selection of early visuals I made that, once we had decided our roles, were not used. But I still like them

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